Normcore, an anti-style statement


I deemed it fitting to start my long overdue blog with a relatively new style, normcore. For a while I had wondered if there was a single term used to describe my everyday, off to lectures look. The same look rocked by hipsters on the daily, disclaimer: I am not one. Normcore, as defined by Vogue is a bland antistyle. The term, normcore is a combination of normal and hardcore. And there’s nothing I love more than to combine or casualize casualize looks. I wear what I want. The key is to be cool while not being cool, looking effortlessly fashionable as if you randomly grabbed items from your wardrobe and decided that they made a decent looking outfit or whatever, you couldn’t be bothered, it’s normcore!  It’s often associated with turtle-necks, denim pants, formal pants, stretchy dresses, vests, sports jackets, chucks, caps and beanies, which are worn by both females and males, hence its a unisex style. Here are some of my normcore looks.
10616451_957352917626488_3534182124118820783_n  10409038_957355110959602_8638925801654880761_n1904020_957352807626499_5741380560918395373_n10599544_957358907625889_5008138364866554280_n10702120_957352780959835_8670420287320329277_n 10409524_957351544293292_56646605711428588_n 10516626_957355080959605_1248200671129865521_n   10711149_957352954293151_2543421102855368114_n
Mr Price Beanie | Revlon Matte Lipbalm | Vintage Denim Jacket, pants, blazer and black and white sweater | Fashion Express Turtle Neck | Jumbo Maxi Skirt | Avon Purse | Mr Price Oxfords, Black Top, Black pencil skirt, Backpack, checked shirt | Legit black and white amaze sweater and maxi dress

 10734235_957355200959593_4848314817991616431_n 10252159_957355177626262_6421134920174833213_n 10676337_957371180957995_6330753728637357582_n


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