What I wear: Grunge Punk

1005540_871181252910322_5538482395079111503_n1It’s exam time so I haven’t had time to take new photos but here’s a throwback look. My friend and I decided to wear grunge punk a few months ago. I wouldn’t say this look is far off from my everyday look. I associate this look with someone who wears what they want and is comfortable in their own skin. This look is all about the attitude, the confidence to wear what you want and defy society. They wear bold or dark colours, tights, checked clothing, converse all stars, military boots and leather jackets, skirts or dresses i.e.  the Olsen twins, Taylor Momsen, Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne ,. And has a way off making it seem like the coolest style in the world and they look bada$$ (excuse my “French”).

10336658_871181259576988_4926313855877900122_n2 10341578_871181256243655_569936930400691151_n1 10419437_871181249576989_8975825735335451416_n1 10336658_871181246243656_2358583640868391471_n1

“Black is not my favourite colour to wear so I am surprised that I managed to pull off a, hopefully good, punk look. Besides, my attempt to create the look I find the whole genre fascinating. First starting off as a counter-culture in the 1970s and now a commodified fashion inspiration for other styles. Maybe in the future I will invest in this style. What do you guys think?” – Tinika

1486175_871181082910339_4048028055083571301_o1 10429462_871195526242228_6234041477284090000_n 10433267_871181069577007_5853890158595475120_n 10417455_871181076243673_111605902922294138_n 10382645_871181079577006_8837854629346224839_n

source: youryoutopia.wordpress.com
Source: asylumattendant.wordpress.com
source: http://www.mujerdeelite.com
source: le-21eme.com

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