Style Crush Sunday : Jhene Aiko

Oh isn’t she lovely? she can do no wrong, from her smooth vocals to her unique sense of style. I was already a fan but when I saw her perform “The Worst” with John Legend barefoot I forgot how to breathe. She looked like a hippie goddess draped in delicate yet beautiful jewellery. I love her colorful tie-dye and bold prints . She is definetely my favourite flower child. This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning her much of a talented musician she is. She is a true lyricist bearing all in her in music. It is an ally when in tough times and or when not seeing eye to eye with your partner.  She has a way of turning tragedy and pain into a fountain of inspiration and hope, resulting in songs like “Promises,” “Eternal Sunshine” and ” W.A.Y.S” (Why Aren’t You Smiling) which she wrote after her brother’s untimely death. Her sense of And as if that wasn’t enough to make us fall in love with her, she recently collaborated with Lovers and Friends LA  and the result was this sexy 10 piece collection available at RevolveClothing.Com. Other collaborations include Luv AJ for jewelry pieces, and Como La Flor Halos for the hair.

tumblr_nf21hqmBPw1rs4n0vo2_500 tumblr_nf21hqmBPw1rs4n0vo1_500 tumblr_nf21hqmBPw1rs4n0vo3_500

source : http://www.




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