From Nature’s canvas into your living space

As people move towards a calm and more relaxed way of living, contrasting cool colours such as blue and green is now trending in the decorative industry. These colours bring the beauty of nature and its calm serene feel into your living space.


This blue-green colour scheme can be achieved through painting the walls or using wallpaper, which is slowing making a comeback in the decorative industry. Wallpaper can be used in various ways; you can use maps or pictures of gardens or rain forests, grasslands and woodlands as wallpaper. Smangele Ndabandaba, an expert in the textile industry,says it is very easy to use an overwhelming design “the colour-on-colour trend, which involves printing a colour on a colour or a lighter or darker shade of it can help make the wallpaper design feel less busy” thus creating a calming effect.

When going for a more sophisticated look, you can treat neutral colours such as black, gray, white, eggshell and nude as a gentle backdrop to the vibrant furniture, throws and rugs. Smangele says that the colour-on-colour trend when decorating as well, i.e. placing green or blue and white scatter cushions on a white couch. And the addition of bold prints can easily transform your place into an exotic destination.


Natural objects with interesting shapes can also be incorporated into the decor to enhance the natural look. These can include tree branches, palm leaves, lemons and Aloe Vera plants, which are also known to improve air quality.



Softer shades of blue and green create a colour palette that exudes luxury thus making them perfect for the master bedroom or guest room or a little cottage.

This trend is versatile; it’s not limited to a bohemian chic style it can also be achieved in a farmhouse or modern minimalist style.




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