Pre-wedding Honeymoon Shotleft

My husband and I were planning on getting married in September last year but COVID happened and we had to put our wedding plans on hold. However, we always knew that when the time came for us to go on our honeymoon we’d love to go to Sibani Lodge. It had everything we both wanted, the Safari for me and a pool for my husband. So when the Lockdown regulations in South Africa were relaxed and traveling was finally possible again we decided to go on our dream honeymoon. And I must say, it was one of the best decisions we’ve ve ever made. Sibani Lodge truly is a hidden Johannesburg gem.

Upon our arrival we were welcomed by the amazing Sibani staff and this beautiful living wall (I think I now have a thing for those, thanks to HGTV) . Even though we’d had gone there during the weekend we noticed that we were the only other couple staying in the main lodge, which has 2 deluxe bedrooms and a main suite. We felt like we were in our own world. We got to enjoy the pool alone.

Modern African Interior Design

The soaker tub of my dreams

I ttruly enjoyed swimming in the middle of a safari. We were surrounded by nature and the best part was that it was just the two of us.

Outfit details: I got both of my dresses as well as the pink tassle earrings and gold necklace from Mr Price, the latter was a gift from my lovely friend, Lee. My husband got me this tree of life necklace and my watch at American Swiss.

This was probably the part I had been looking forward to the most as I’m a lover of nature. And having a knowledgeable tour guide like Francis made it even more fun.

I love that you can book a picnic of your choice. They offer a wide variety of dietary options, we chose the vegetarian option. It was not only delicious but it was quite filling. We had it in their boma tent with views of wildlife which in my book is the most romantic picnic setting ever. We truly enjoyed everything about our stay at Sibani Lodge, we were treated like royalty throughout our stay.

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